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We’re a bunch of gamers who pretend to be retired for internet clout.

But it’s a little bit more than that.

CGRH grew out of a conversation between several soon-to-be friends in a discord server devoted to a shared favorite podcast. One of us used the streamer name “Internet Gramma,” one used “Island Grandpa,” and we realized the potential for chill vibes and camaraderie if we combined forces and started a streaming collective.

We are dedicated to creating a safe space for streamers of all caliber to figure this streaming thing out together. Along with embracing diversity, the Cool Gamer Retirement Home has a unique anti-work stance. We want to support as many small businesses, content creators, and freelance workers to pursue their dreams as far away from the dredge of capitalism as possible. Fostering a creative space in our fictional retirement home, away from the stresses of the modern work environment, helps make room for collaboration and celebration of who we are as individuals.

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The Year of Art

RedriaPlays talks about their 2022 new year’s resolution to spend the year creating new art, and the creativity that curiosity has brought forth.

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