CGRH Presents: Pridecraft

CGRH Presents: Pridecraft

Happy Pride Month! The Cool Gamer Retirement Home is kicking off June 2022 with a huge announcement.

To celebrate all of our wonderful LGBTQIA+ siblings, we will be doing a two-week-long stream-a-thon to raise money for The Trevor Project. Ten streamers, two weeks, and many hours of your favorite building-block sandbox game: MINECRAFT. Thus, Pridecraft was born.

Our featured streamers will be playing Minecraft, decorating pride parade floats and possibly designing a cozy retirement bungalow, all while raising money to help queer people in need. The event will go from the kickoff stream on June 13th at 6:00 PM EST to the finale stream on July 1st at 8:00 PM EST. Peep our schedule below, courtesy of featured streamer SekhmetLives.

CGRH presents...

A Minecraft collab benefitting the Trevor Project.


Nahtagain... Tue, 6/14, 8pm
Island_Grandpa... Wed, 6/15, 8:15pm
ToastyBaguette13... Thurs, 6/16, 9pm
RedriaPlays... Fri, 6/17, 6pm
Sekhmetlives... Sat, 6/18, 2pm
LadyofChaosJ... Sun, 6/19, 5pm
ShayIsPlaying... Mon, 6/20, 4pm
Yeaboomerang... Mon, 6/20, 9pm
Luvlitchi... Tue, 6/21, 2pm
Katryam... Tue, 6/21, 5pm

Don't miss the kickoff and finale!

Mon, 6/13 at 6pm
Fri, 7/1 at 8pm 
on RedriaPlays' channel!

All times in EST

During the kickoff of the campaign, Plant Witch Gigi (RedriaPlays) will help us get started on the Cool Gamer Retirement Home: Minecraft Edition! After that, each featured streamer will have their own individual stream and possibly their own charity incentives that you can donate towards. It all goes towards the same thing: the CGRH is hoping to raise $622 for our second-ever charity stream.

We will be playing in a custom Bedrock server, and you can expect pride parade floats and some chill building and decorating.

During the finale stream, we will be pitting two teams against each other for a fun mini-game event called Rainbow Race. It’s going to be a romp. Don’t miss it!

We have been planning for a more charity-driven focus this year and are very excited for our first ever Pride charity celebration. Even if you can’t make it to any of the streams, the good news is you can still donate to the campaign here:

And if you can’t contribute financially, there are plenty of other ways to support our endeavors. You can share our featured streamers’ posts on Twitter. You can show up to the streams and host, chat, lurk, or any combination of the three. Word of mouth goes a long way. Please share the news with your friends, your enemies, and your grandpa. It is a retirement home, after all, and these retired folks are ready to celebrate. And just in case it wasn’t abundantly clear:

We say gay in this home.

CGRH Presents Pridecraft

This is our second-ever charity event, and our first-ever pride celebration! Join us as we try to raise $622 for The Trevor Project

June 13 - July 1

Streamer logos representing the streamers participating in the collaboration: RedriaPlays, shayisplaying, sehkmetlives, LadyofChaosJ, katryam, yeahboomerang, luvlitchi, toastybaguette13, island_grandpa, nahtagain

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