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Charity Bingo: March for the Planet

UPDATE: Charity Bingo will now be Saturday, April 1, at 2 p.m. EST. Thanks!

I know you all must be missing the Cool Gamer Retirement Home’s trademark bingo nights… there’s nothing more fun than getting together on Twitch to test your luck and win real, physical prizes. What better way to celebrate our ongoing charity campaign and raise money for One Earth than with a Charity Bingo?

That’s right – bingo is back, and better than ever! We will be playing 12 rounds of bingo, plus 1 blackout round. Some rounds have multiple prizes available. The blackout round 13 has a total of 13 prizes up for grabs! Charity bingo tickets cost a $1, or you can get a virtual freeplay wrist band for a $10 donation. Bonus – it won’t get stuck to your wrist!

Come spend your Saturday afternoon in our fictional retirement home. Will the odds be in your favor? Who knows! But somebody has to win all these cute Stardew Valley trinkets… why not you?

Bingo starts at 2:00 PM EST on Saturday, 25 March over on Redria’s channel. Tickets go on sale Saturday morning as early as 10:00 AM EST and they will be first-come, first-served!


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